Issue templates

If you have found a bug or issue with a Loki repository initially you should confirm with the moderators on Loki's Discord or Telegram to see if a fix has already been made.

Additionally someone may have already found this issue and have notified the team through the issues section of Github. Double check the repositories issues to make sure you are not doubling up on any reporting.

If this is a new bug or issue we recommend opening up a new issue ticket with the repository in question and use the below template to provide the relevant information to the developers.

## Prerequisites

Please answer the following questions for yourself before submitting an issue.

- [  ] I am running the latest version
- [  ] I checked the documentation and found no answer
- [  ] I checked to make sure that this issue has not already been filed
- [  ] I'm reporting the issue to the correct repository (for multi-repository projects)

## Expected Behavior

Please describe the behavior you are expecting.

## Current Behavior

What is the current behavior?

## Failure Information (for bugs)

Please help provide information about the failure if this is a bug. If it is not a bug, please remove the rest of this template.

### Steps to Reproduce

Please provide detailed steps for reproducing the issue.

1. Step 1
2. Step 2
3. You get it...

### Context

Please provide any relevant information about your setup. This is important in case the issue is not reproducible except for under certain conditions.

* Firmware Version:
* Operating System:
* SDK version:
* Toolchain version:

### Failure Logs

Please include any relevant log snippets or files here.