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Getting Started

1. Educate Yourself

Privacy is having the agency to decide when you reveal personal information. It is a particularly valuable quality today, when the collection and storage of personal data is taking place at unprecedented levels. We are in an age where data is of high value, and Loki aims to equip individuals with tools to obfuscate their information and interactions with the internet. Protecting your data keeps power on your side.

Loki's privacy tools offer free communication by incentivising indviduals through its cryptocurrency block reward to keep the network private, secure and untraceable.

Before you start using Loki, you should educate yourself on how Loki will help you obfuscate your data.

2. Choose Your Wallet

The Loki wallets are a gateway into private decentralised transactions and communications. They allow you to hold private keys, secure Loki, stake Loki and trade peer-to-peer.

If you are unsure about which wallet to choose, you should go to the Which Wallet To Use page.

3. Acquire Loki

Loki can be purchased on exchanges with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

You can also aquire Loki by mining. Mining is the process of extracting Loki for securing and verifying transactions made on the blockchain.

4. Stake and Earn Loki

Once you own Loki you can consider staking it to the network to receive additional Loki by running a Service Node with peers or by yourself.

To operate a Service Node, an operator time-locks a significant amount of Loki and provides a minimum level of bandwidth and storage to the network. In return for their services, Loki Service Node operators receive a portion of the block reward from each block.