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Hosting a SNApp

1. Downloading an IRC client

For this guide, we will be downloading and using the konversation IRC client.

Go into Ubuntu Software application and search for konversation.

Once found click the install button.


Once Konversation has been downloaded and installed you can then launch the software.

Note: You must be running lokinet to be able to access any IRC chats hosted on the Lokinet. If you do not have lokinet running, check out the installation guide here.

2. Connecting to a Lokinet IRC

On first startup of Konversation a window will pop up with the heading Server List.

From this window, we will click the New... button.

Next to Network name: add the text Lokinet Chat.

2.1 Server details

In this window, underneath the Servers: section click the Add... button.

Copy and paste the following loki address into servers: irc.dw68y1xhptqbhcm5s8aaaip6dbopykagig5q5u1za4c7pzxto77y.loki

Leave Port: as 6667 and Password: blank.

This window should look similar to the below before clicking the OK button.


2.2 Channel details

Next we will add the details of the lokinet channel to automatically join the chat when accessing the server.

Click the Add... button underneith the Auto Join Channels: section.

In the Channel: section add the text #lokinet and click the OK button.


Once all the server and channel details have been entered your window should look like the following:


Lets click the OK button.

The Server List window will reappear, make sure the server we added is highlighted and click the Connect button.

Congratulations, at this point you should be connected and have joined a channel hosted on the Lokinet.



Well done, you have finished the guide. Jump back into the Lokinet Public Testing Guide here.