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Lokinet install guide - MacOS

Use this video guide for installation instructions.

1. Download the latest release

Head to, download the latest MacOS Lokinet release and run it.

2. Install lokinet software


3. Open terminal

Open the terminal and change directory to usr/local/bin:

cd /usr/local/bin


4. Generate configuration file

Enter into the terminal to generate the configuration file:

./lokinet -g


5. Run the Lokinet MacOS Binary

Finally you're going to run Lokinet. To do that enter into the terminal:



6. Configure DNS

If DNS is not configured automatically, you can do it manually. Go to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS

Click on + in DNS servers list. Enter as a DNS address:


7. Done!

You should now be connected. Enter a .loki address into a browser and enjoy navigating lokinet!