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Lokinet install guide - MacOS

1. Download the latest release

Head to, download the latest MacOS Lokinet release and run it.

2. Install lokinet software

2.1 Permissions

First, try and open the lokinet Mac software you just downloaded. It will most probably cause a security error.


If this error occurs, go into your System preferences and search for Security.

Now jump into your Security & Privacy Settings.


Go down to the bottom of this window and allow the Lokinet Mac pkg to run by clicking the Open Anyway button.


2.2 Install Lokinet

Now continue as with the installation.


3. Open the terminal and run the Lokinet MacOS Binary

You now want to run lokinet in your terminal:

sudo lokinet


4. Configure DNS

If DNS is not configured automatically, you can do it manually.

Go to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS

Click on + in DNS servers list.

Enter as a DNS address:

Note: When adding the Lokinet DNS address make sure it sits above your default DNS server. See below picture for reference.


5. Troubleshooting

Can't access .loki addresses.

This can be fixed by making sure your DNS is configured properly. See step 4.

6. Done!

Well done, you have finished the guide. Jump back into the Lokinet Public Testing Guide here.