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Launcher config files

This guide shows the different config files and their associated sections, keys and values.

First we check if there's a launcher.ini in the same directory as the loki-launcher script called (for non-global installations) Then we check for /etc/loki-launcher/launcher.ini (for global installations)

Table of contents:



Key Default value Type Required? Auto-detectable? Description
interactive false boolean no no special debug mode
docker false boolean no no special docker mode


Key Default value Type Sample Value Required? Auto-detectable?
binary_path false file path src/loki/build/release/bin/lokid no no
restart main boolean true no no
network string main, test, demo or staging no no
rpc_ip 22023,38154,38157 ip yes no
rpc_port user port 0 no no
rpc_user pass string yes no
rpc_pass 22024,38154,38158 string yes no
zmq_port 22022,38153,38156 port 0 no no
p2p_port ~/.loki[/testnet] port 0 no no
data_dir string loki_data no no


Key Sample Value Type Required? Auto-detectable?
enabled false boolean no no
binary_path src/loki-network/lokinet file path yes no
bootstrap_url url no no
bootstrap_path ~/.lokinet/bootstrap.signed file path no yes
rpc_ip ip no no
rpc_port 28082 port no no
public_ip ip no yes
public_port 1090 port no no
internal_port 1090 port no no
dns_ip ip no yes
dns_port 53 port no yes
ifname lokinet0 string up to 16 characters no yes
ifaddr network no yes
netid service string up to 8 characters no yes
nickname ldl string no no
verbose true boolean no no
auto_config_test_host string no no
auto_config_test_port 80 port no no
testnet true boolean no yes
data_dir /root/lokinet path no no
netdb /usr/src/app path no no


Key Sample value Type Required? Auto-detectable?
enabled false boolean no no
binary_path src/loki-storage-server/build/httpserver file path yes no
port 8080 port no no
log_level debug string no no
identity_path ./identity.private file path no no
output_log logs path no no
db_location . file path no no